The purpose of SchoolTripsAsia (STA) is to provide students with extraordinary experiences that challenge them to see the world and themselves in a new way. Participating schools can choose activities that assist in the intellectual, social, physical, creative and emotional development of the Students.  Trip itineraries will be constructed individually, after collaboration between STA and the teacher leading the trip. Student learning will take place through a process of discovery, activity and reflection.  While STA is based in Singapore, are also able to organise trips to Malaysia (including Borneo), Australia and Thailand.

SchoolTripsAsia is committed to excellence in all areas so that:

  • activities are the best on offer in each destination and are fun, challenging, educational, participatory, safe and age-appropriate.
  • logisticl arrangements such as transport, food, equipment and guides are arranged on a turnkey basis.
  • educational processes are appropriate and provoke students to think for themselves.
  • relationships between our personnel, the students and teachers are professional, warm and responsive.
  • the safety and well being of the students is our priority.

Mission and Vision

Mission: Lifting students out of the ordinary

Vision: SchoolTripsAsia is a company that provides quality educational programmes for students visiting Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia.

We will provide every student with an extraordinary experience that challenges them to see themselves and the world in a new way and to be more open to and respectful of others.

SchoolsTripsAsia is designed to enable students to:

  • experience new places, people, and challenges.
  • learn about teamwork and leadership.
  • understand more about themselves and others.
  • recognise their role in community and global development.

Depending on the programme chosen, the SchoolTripsAsia team will design learning material and worksheets. These will be made available to the teachers so that they can integrate them into their student’s learning before, during or after the event.